N54 N55 Port Injection Intake Manifold & Fuel Rail


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N54 N55 Port Injection Intake Manifold & Fuel Rail

This is the same intake manifold as used on the 9 second street N54. The design has been proven over many years and is now generally regarded as the better option over the forward facing manifolds.
These are not only stronger than the OEM plastic intake manifold they are also designed to suit higher boost levels and flow upwards of 900+hp. It still allows for all factory connections, as well as extra ports for BOV, hobbs switch, fuel reg etc.
Supplied with high temp rubber intake gaskets, not basic o-rings.
This is a bare bones kit as pictured. You will need your own injectors (we can help source Genuine BOSCH) and also a fuel line to suit. We recommend making a custom line with rising rate fuel reg, instead of the off the shelf t line these manifolds are often sold with.
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