N54 & B58 NGK SILZKGR8B8S 94201 Spark Plug Set (QTY 6)


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 NGK SILZKGR8B8S 94201 Spark Plug Set OF 6
Suitable for both the N54 and N55 engines with B58 coils. Or B58 Motors. They do have a different terminal where the plugs interfaces with the coil. They may work with standard N54 coils, however we have not had a chance to test them in a vehicle yet.
These are a 2 step colder plug compared with the standard N54 Bosch plugs.
They require the spark plug gap changed to suit your setup. Consult with your engine tuner to see what they recommend based on your tune if you are unsure. However Andrew had these gapped at 0.020″ on his 17T car when he cracked the 100-200 dragy time in 5.75 seconds. They seem to be working amazingly well.
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